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--- /dev/null
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@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
+- *arp;test-arp
+- *bridge;test-bridge
+:output;type filter hook output priority 0
+ct direction original log;ok
+log level emerg;ok
+log level alert;ok
+log level crit;ok
+log level err;ok
+log level warn;ok;log
+log level notice;ok
+log level info;ok
+log level debug;ok
+log level emerg group 2;fail
+log level alert group 2 prefix "log test2";fail
+udp dport 200 log prefix aaaaa-aaaaaa group 2 snaplen 33;ok;udp dport 200 log prefix "aaaaa-aaaaaa" group 2 snaplen 33
+# TODO: Add an exception: 'queue-threshold' attribute needs 'group' attribute
+# The correct rule is log group 2 queue-threshold 2
+log group 2 queue-threshold 2;ok
+log group 2 snaplen 33;ok
+tcp dport 300 log group 2 prefix \"IPTABLES-NFT SSH\";ok;tcp dport 300 log prefix "IPTABLES-NFT SSH" group 2