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* man: add include statement documentation.Ismo Puustinen2017-06-281-2/+7
* tests: update include directory tests to support wildcard syntax.Ismo Puustinen2017-06-2711-13/+171
* scanner: support for wildcards in include statements.Ismo Puustinen2017-06-271-119/+107
* tests: py: Fail test forcefully when bug is not fixedShyam Saini2017-06-261-1/+1
* src: add --check option flagPablo M. Bermudo Garay2017-06-263-2/+24
* src: add new generic context structure nft_ctxPablo M. Bermudo Garay2017-06-264-21/+25
* tests: shell: Test input descriptors for included filesShyam Saini2017-06-261-0/+52
* tests: shell: Add test for incomplete set add set commandShyam Saini2017-06-261-0/+16
* evaluate: Better error reporting for bad set referencesPablo Neira Ayuso2017-06-191-2/+3
* evaluate: merge nested set flagsPablo Neira Ayuso2017-06-191-0/+1
* evaluate: reject meta nfproto outside of inet familyFlorian Westphal2017-06-182-2/+22
* tests: restrict meta nfproto test cases to inet familyFlorian Westphal2017-06-185-32/+36
* tests: remove two non-sensical rulesFlorian Westphal2017-06-182-25/+0
* tests: restrict ct saddr test to inet familyFlorian Westphal2017-06-184-8/+23
* tests: py: Add test for ambiguity while setting the valueShyam Saini2017-06-186-0/+16
* src: Pass stateless, numeric, ip2name and handle variables as structure members.Varsha Rao2017-06-1825-230/+266
* src: error reporting for nested ruleset representationPablo Neira Ayuso2017-06-163-53/+108
* src: rename ct eventmask to eventFlorian Westphal2017-06-074-17/+23
* netlink_delinearize: prefer ct event set foo,bar over 'set foo|bar'Florian Westphal2017-06-071-1/+6
* src: display default directory for file inclusion in -h/--helpPablo Neira Ayuso2017-06-072-2/+7
* doc: nft: describe -I override behaviour when path starts by ./ and /Pablo Neira Ayuso2017-06-071-1/+4
* tests: added tests for ordering files in include dirs.Ismo Puustinen2017-06-072-0/+98
* man: add include directory documentation.Ismo Puustinen2017-06-071-0/+4
* scanner: add files in include dirs in alphabetical order.Ismo Puustinen2017-06-071-27/+70
* parser: allow ct eventmask set new,relatedFlorian Westphal2017-06-071-3/+24
* meta: permit meta nfproto ip in ip familyFlorian Westphal2017-06-061-2/+9
* ct: fix inet/bridge/netdev family handling for saddr/daddrFlorian Westphal2017-06-063-7/+31
* src: Remove expire information from list stateless ruleset.Varsha Rao2017-06-061-1/+1
* tests: test include directoriesIsmo Puustinen2017-06-066-0/+217
* scanner: add support for include directoriesIsmo Puustinen2017-06-061-23/+109
* src: remove global nftnl_batch structure in mnl layerPablo Neira Ayuso2017-05-295-110/+124
* expression: don't trim off unary expression on delinearizationPablo Neira Ayuso2017-05-292-7/+1
* tests: py: flush stdout on each test runPablo Neira Ayuso2017-05-291-0/+2
* evaluate: avoid reference to multiple src data in statements which set valuesArturo Borrero Gonzalez2017-05-291-0/+15
* doc: Fix typo in manpageBertrand Bonnefoy-Claudet2017-05-291-1/+1
* netlink: add size description for constant setsPablo Neira Ayuso2017-05-261-0/+2
* segtree: reset element size counter before adding intervals to setPablo Neira Ayuso2017-05-261-0/+2
* rule: adjust set expression size accordingly with intervalsPablo Neira Ayuso2017-05-261-6/+11
* Merge branch 'meta_l4_dependency'Florian Westphal2017-05-2568-7037/+390
| * tests: fix up meta l4proto change for ip familyFlorian Westphal2017-05-1956-6881/+176
| * src: ip: switch implicit dependencies to meta l4proto tooFlorian Westphal2017-05-192-7/+13
| * tests: fix up meta l4proto change for ip6 familyFlorian Westphal2017-05-1921-391/+391
| * payload: enforce ip/ip6 protocol depending on icmp or icmpv6Florian Westphal2017-05-191-4/+23
| * src: ipv6: switch implicit dependencies to meta l4protoFlorian Westphal2017-05-192-2/+19
| * src: allow update of net base w. meta l4proto icmpv6Florian Westphal2017-05-193-0/+9
| * payload: split ll proto dependency into helperFlorian Westphal2017-05-181-11/+18
* tests: add ip reject with tcp and check for mark tooFlorian Westphal2017-05-188-6/+21
* netlink_delinearize: reject: remove dependency for tcp-resetsFlorian Westphal2017-05-182-1/+7
* src: add a comment wrt. reject dependency insertionFlorian Westphal2017-05-181-0/+8
* src: delete the old cache when dumping is interruptedLiping Zhang2017-05-171-1/+1