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* debug: properly parse debug levelsPatrick McHardy2010-07-061-14/+18
* add support for new set API and standalone setsPatrick McHardy2009-07-281-35/+249
* expressions: kill seperate sym_type datatype for symbolsPatrick McHardy2009-04-011-1/+1
* datatype: maintain table of all datatypes and add registration/lookup functionPatrick McHardy2009-03-311-4/+4
* Fix multiple references to the same user defined symbolic expressionPatrick McHardy2009-03-201-2/+1
* Add support for user-defined symbolic constantsPatrick McHardy2009-03-201-4/+33
* Initial commitv0.01-alpha1Patrick McHardy2009-03-181-0/+1031