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* src: add support for display maps contentPablo M. Bermudo Garay2016-05-311-0/+2
* src: add 'list maps' supportPablo M. Bermudo Garay2016-05-311-1/+7
* rule: add support for display flow tables contentPablo M. Bermudo Garay2016-05-201-0/+2
* rule: add 'list flow tables' supportPablo M. Bermudo Garay2016-05-201-2/+14
* segtree: special handling for the first non-matching segmentPablo Neira Ayuso2016-04-251-2/+2
* rule: support for incremental set interval element updatesPablo Neira Ayuso2016-04-251-10/+42
* segtree: explicit initialization via set_to_intervals()Pablo Neira Ayuso2016-04-251-1/+1
* nft monitor [ trace ]Patrick McHardy2016-04-241-9/+52
* payload: only merge if adjacent and combined size fits into a registerFlorian Westphal2016-04-191-1/+1
* src: store parser location for handle and position specifiersPablo Neira Ayuso2016-03-301-3/+3
* rule: don't print trailing statement whitespaceArturo Borrero2016-03-291-3/+4
* rule: Remove memory leakPiyush Pangtey2016-03-151-0/+3
* rule: simplify ("rule: delete extra space in sets printing")Pablo Neira Ayuso2016-03-041-4/+1
* rule: delete extra space in sets printingArturo Borrero2016-03-031-1/+4
* rule: don't list anonymous setsArturo Borrero2016-01-051-0/+2
* rule: move comment out of handlePatrick McHardy2015-11-151-5/+3
* rule: don't reorder protocol payload expressions when mergingFlorian Westphal2015-11-061-7/+42
* src: Add command "replace" for rulesCarlos Falgueras GarcĂ­a2015-11-021-0/+14
* rule: rework list chainPablo Neira Ayuso2015-10-121-1/+21
* rule: `list sets' only displays declaration, not definitionPablo Neira Ayuso2015-10-121-3/+16
* rule: display table when listing one setPablo Neira Ayuso2015-10-121-3/+11
* src: add `list chains' commandPablo Neira Ayuso2015-10-121-3/+35
* rule: display table when listing setsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-10-121-0/+10
* rule: fix printing of rule commentsArturo Borrero Gonzalez2015-10-081-4/+5
* rule: filter out tables depending on familyPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-231-1/+6
* src: use new symbols in libnftnlPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-161-4/+4
* src: get rid of EINTR handling for nft_netlink()Pablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-4/+6
* src: use cache infrastructure for set element objectsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-25/+11
* src: use cache infrastructure for rule objectsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-10/+12
* src: use cache infrastructure for chain objectsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-39/+16
* rule: add chain reference counterPablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-0/+9
* src: early allocation of the set IDPablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-0/+4
* src: use cache infrastructure for set objectsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-51/+61
* src: add table declaration to cachePablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-13/+2
* rule: add reference counter to the table objectPablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-0/+10
* src: add cache infrastructure and use it for table objectsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-27/+76
* Merge branch 'next-4.2'Pablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-181-3/+22
| * src: add netdev family supportPablo Neira Ayuso2015-06-161-4/+21
* | src: restore nft list tablesPablo Neira Ayuso2015-08-031-1/+1
* | rule: add do_list_tables()Pablo Neira Ayuso2015-07-141-15/+17
* | src: set chain->hookstr from delinearizationPablo Neira Ayuso2015-07-061-5/+3
* | rule: missing family when listing of tablesPablo Neira Ayuso2015-07-031-1/+3
* set: add timeout support for setsPatrick McHardy2015-04-121-1/+22
* rule: fix chain details align indentationsArturo Borrero2015-03-191-1/+1
* rule: delete extra space in rule indentationArturo Borrero2015-03-181-2/+2
* src: allow to specify the default policy for base chainsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-03-171-4/+19
* src: expose table flagsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-03-171-0/+30
* rule: fix object order via nft -fPablo Neira Ayuso2015-02-181-2/+7
* set: remove unused set_clone() functionPatrick McHardy2015-01-121-18/+0
* netlink: fix memory leaksPatrick McHardy2015-01-111-0/+2