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src: integrate nfct into the conntrack-tools tree
I'll need for the upcoming cthelper infrastructure. Moreover, we avoid more fragmentation in the netfilter user-space utilities. And the plan is that `nfct' will replace `conntrack' at some point. Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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+SUBDIRS = linux
noinst_HEADERS = alarm.h jhash.h cache.h linux_list.h linux_rbtree.h \
sync.h conntrackd.h local.h udp.h tcp.h \
debug.h log.h hash.h mcast.h conntrack.h \
network.h filter.h queue.h vector.h cidr.h \
traffic_stats.h netlink.h fds.h event.h bitops.h channel.h \
- process.h origin.h internal.h external.h date.h
+ process.h origin.h internal.h external.h date.h nfct.h