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add ebtables nflog support (Peter Warasin)
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@@ -857,6 +857,41 @@ the rule. The default is no ipv6 information logging.
Will log the (r)arp information when a frame made by the (r)arp protocols
matches the rule. The default is no (r)arp information logging.
+.SS nflog
+The nflog watcher passes the packet to the loaded logging backend
+in order to log the packet. This is usually used in combination with
+nfnetlink_log as logging backend, which will multicast the packet
+through a
+.IR netlink
+socket to the specified multicast group. One or more userspace processes
+may subscribe to the group to receive the packets.
+.B "--nflog"
+Log with the default logging options
+.B --nflog-group "\fInlgroup\fP"
+The netlink group (1 - 2^32-1) to which packets are (only applicable for
+nfnetlink_log). The default value is 1.
+.B --nflog-prefix "\fIprefix\fP"
+A prefix string to include in the log message, up to 30 characters
+long, useful for distinguishing messages in the logs.
+.B --nflog-range "\fIsize\fP"
+The number of bytes to be copied to userspace (only applicable for
+nfnetlink_log). nfnetlink_log instances may specify their own
+range, this option overrides it.
+.B --nflog-threshold "\fIsize\fP"
+Number of packets to queue inside the kernel before sending them
+to userspace (only applicable for nfnetlink_log). Higher values
+result in less overhead per packet, but increase delay until the
+packets reach userspace. The default value is 1.
.SS ulog
The ulog watcher passes the packet to a userspace
logging daemon using netlink multicast sockets. This differs