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The flag
.B --ip6-dport
is an alias for this option.
+.BR "--ip6-icmp-type " "[!] {\fItype\fP[:\fItype\fP]/\fIcode\fP[:\fIcode\fP]|\fItypename\fP}"
+Specify ipv6\-icmp type and code to match.
+Ranges for both type and code are supported. Type and code are
+separated by a slash. Valid numbers for type and range are 0 to 255.
+To match a single type including all valid codes, symbolic names can
+be used instead of numbers. The list of known type names is shown by the command
+ ebtables \-\-help ip6
+This option is only valid for \-\-ip6-prococol ipv6-icmp.
.SS limit
This module matches at a limited rate using a token bucket filter.
A rule using this extension will match until this limit is reached.