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Explain in more detail src/dst for hash:net,iface
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@@ -799,8 +799,9 @@ added/deleted by the most specific prefix which can be found in the
set, or by the host prefix value if the set is empty.
The second direction parameter of the \fBset\fR match and
-\fBSET\fR target modules corresponds to the incoming/outgoing interface
-: \fBsrc\fR to the incoming, while \fBdst\fR to the outgoing. When
+\fBSET\fR target modules corresponds to the incoming/outgoing interface:
+\fBsrc\fR to the incoming one (similar to the \fB\-i\fR flag of iptables), while
+\fBdst\fR to the outgoing one (similar to the \fB\-o\fR flag of iptables). When
the interface is flagged with \fBphysdev:\fR, the interface is interpreted
as the incoming/outgoing bridge port.