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ip_set: Fix compatibility with kernels between v3.3 and v4.5
These kernels does not have in their @struct netlink_dump_control method that is used to prepare for netlink dump ->start(). This affects all kernels that does not contain commit fc9e50f5a5a4 ("netlink: add a start callback for starting a netlink dump"). Introduce fake value of HAVE_NETLINK_DUMP_START_ARGS equal to 7 that never spot in the wild and set HAVE_NETLINK_DUMP_START_ARGS to 4 only after explicit test if ->start() is available. Fixes: 7725bf5ba041 ("netfilter: ipset: fix suspicious RCU usage in find_set_and_id") Signed-off-by: Serhey Popovych <> Signed-off-by: Jozsef Kadlecsik <>
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