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[PATCH 11/13] manpages: update to reflect fine-grained control
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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ modified (and all future packets in this connection will also be
mangled), and rules should cease being examined. It takes one type
of option:
-.BR "--to-source " "\fIipaddr\fP[-\fIipaddr\fP][:\fIport\fP-\fIport\fP]"
+\fB--to-source\fP \fIipaddr\fP[\fB-\fP\fIipaddr\fP][\fB:\fP\fIport\fP[\fB-\fP\fIport\fP]]
which can specify a single new source IP address, an inclusive range
of IP addresses, and optionally, a port range (which is only valid if
the rule also specifies