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* Remove extensions for unmaintained/obsolete patchlets/C=DE/ST=Berlin/L=Berlin/O=Netfilter Project/OU=Development/CN=kaber/emailAddress=kaber@netfilter.org2007-01-101-549/+0
* Kill NFC_* stuff in iptables (Pablo Neira <>)/C=DE/ST=Berlin/L=Berlin/O=Netfilter Project/OU=Development/CN=kaber/emailAddress=kaber@netfilter.org2005-02-141-2/+0
* Pablo Neira: extensions conversion to C99 structure initialization/C=DE/ST=Berlin/L=Berlin/O=Netfilter Project/OU=Development/CN=rusty/emailAddress=rusty@netfilter.org2004-12-281-13/+13
* Add comment about time not adhering DST (Phil Oester) (Closes: #75)laforge2004-09-261-0/+1
* In C, we declare variables at the top of function (Olivier Clerget)laforge2004-07-161-1/+2
* Fabrice's time match update + Tom Eastep's conntrack mach fix applied (JK)kadlec2004-05-051-40/+273
* use <stddef.h> instead of <linux/stddef.h> (Henrik Nordstrom)laforge2004-01-271-0/+1
* fix deleting of time rules (SooYoun Cho) (Closes: #169)laforge2004-01-051-1/+3
* globally replace NETFILTER_VERSION with IPTABLES_VERSION to have consistent n...laforge2002-05-291-2/+2
* add timezone support to time matchlaforge2001-12-071-2/+2
* Fabrice MARIE's patch, fixes bug in time parsing of list of dayslaforge2001-10-021-6/+8
* Yet another set of string_to_number() fixes.marc2001-09-081-3/+4
* - added patch to support statically linking of iptableslaforge2001-08-061-0/+1
* further fixes of string_to_number fixeslaforge2001-07-231-3/+5
* Fabrice Marie's timestamp extensions fixes.rusty2001-04-271-15/+35
* added new time match, added new ipv4options matchlaforge2001-03-251-0/+287