BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterutils: Add a manpage for nfbpf_compilePhil Sutter5 days
v1.8.2commit bba6bc692b...Florian Westphal2 months
v1.8.1commit 90f7dc3c28...Florian Westphal3 months
v1.8.0commit 6c2118c30c...Florian Westphal7 months
v1.6.2commit c16bdec151...Pablo Neira Ayuso12 months
v1.6.1commit 7df66f1c13...Pablo Neira Ayuso24 months
v1.6.0commit 54c262605c...Pablo Neira Ayuso3 years
v1.4.21commit 482c6d3731...Pablo Neira Ayuso5 years
v1.4.20commit 8643adc8f0...Pablo Neira Ayuso5 years
v1.4.19.1commit aef9c366d1...Pablo Neira Ayuso6 years
v1.4.18commit d797d0ff03...Pablo Neira Ayuso6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 daysutils: Add a manpage for nfbpf_compileHEADmasterPhil Sutter4-2/+75
5 daysxtables: Fix position of replaced rules in cachePhil Sutter5-22/+22
5 daysnft: Add new builtin chains to cache immediatelyPhil Sutter1-21/+9
12 daysxtables: Set errno in nft_rule_check() if chain not foundPhil Sutter2-9/+7
14 daysnft: Simplify flush_chain_cache()Phil Sutter1-13/+11
14 daysnft: Simplify nft_is_chain_compatible()Phil Sutter1-25/+9
2018-12-27nft: Make use of nftnl_rule_lookup_byindex()Phil Sutter1-13/+18
2018-12-27xtables: Optimize list rules command with given chainPhil Sutter1-50/+43
2018-12-27xtables: Optimize list command with given chainPhil Sutter1-46/+32
2018-12-27xtables: Optimize user-defined chain deletionPhil Sutter1-43/+46