BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masternlmsg: fix false positives when validating buffer sizesJeremy Sowden7 months
libmnl-1.0.5commit 493aacf2ec...Pablo Neira Ayuso2 years
libmnl-1.0.4commit 0930a63252...Pablo Neira Ayuso8 years
libmnl-1.0.3commit 00b82dd6c9...Pablo Neira Ayuso12 years
libmnl-1.0.2commit addadf8083...Pablo Neira Ayuso12 years
libmnl-1.0.1commit 091286e666...Pablo Neira Ayuso13 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2023-11-14nlmsg: fix false positives when validating buffer sizesHEADmasterJeremy Sowden1-2/+7
2023-05-28include: cache copy of can.h and can/netlink.hDario Binacchi5-2/+487
2023-05-22examples: update .gitignore filesDario Binacchi4-0/+9
2023-04-29examples: add rtnl-link-canDario Binacchi2-0/+456
2022-12-28doc: fix some non-native English usagesJeremy Sowden3-10/+10
2022-12-09Makefile: Create LZMA-compressed dist-filesPhil Sutter1-1/+1
2022-09-21doc: move man-page sym-link shell-script into a separate fileJeremy Sowden2-33/+43
2022-09-21doc: move doxygen config file into doxygen directoryJeremy Sowden5-4/+17
2022-09-21doc: change `INPUT` doxygen setting to `@top_srcdir@`Jeremy Sowden2-12/+1
2022-09-21doc: add .gitignore for Doxygen artefactsJeremy Sowden1-0/+3