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src: doc: Eliminate doxygen warnings from ipv{4,6}.cHEADmaster
Updated: src/extra/ipv4.c: - Rename pkt formal arg of nfq_ip_mangle to pktb (to match all other struct pkt_buff args) - Make it clear that packet buffer is the user-space one - Sentence-case all parameter descriptions - Fix \param 3 of nfq_pkt_snprintf_ip to match prototype - Revised description of nfq_pkt_snprintf_ip for English usage, but left the "strange behaviour" bit at the end. (I know kernel developers hate snprintf: the purpose of the return code was not a blanket buffer overrun check but rather an amount to subtract from the size argument to the next snprintf call. It was therefore a bit of a screw-up to have snprintf take an unsigned size_t argument so the -ve size looks like a huge +ve one and snprintf keeps writing :( The programmer needs to use a signed type for size and explicitly test it for still being +ve before every snprintf call; with ssize_t, snprintf could have done nothing and returned zero with a -ve size so the programmer only needs to check right at the end. Ah well...) src/extra/ipv6.c: - Use \returns for all return values - Fix \param 3 of nfq_ip6_snprintf to match prototype - Sentence-case all parameter descriptions - Change IPv4 to IPv6 in a comment Signed-off-by: Duncan Roe <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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