BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastersrc: add ipsec (xfrm) expressionMáté Eckl3 days
v0.9.0commit cd21a24316...Florian Westphal4 months
v0.8.5commit 72df4a09f7...Florian Westphal4 months
v0.8.4commit 64983d7cb5...Florian Westphal5 months
v0.8.3commit 8162d2b967...Florian Westphal7 months
v0.8.2commit 702cf0a795...Pablo Neira Ayuso8 months
v0.8.1commit 1dbd13c97e...Pablo Neira Ayuso8 months
v0.8commit d58807906f...Pablo Neira Ayuso11 months
v0.7commit f2fb89ebb6...Pablo Neira Ayuso21 months
v0.6commit 9ca03cf40f...Pablo Neira Ayuso2 years
v0.5commit 7658a53744...Pablo Neira Ayuso3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 dayssrc: add ipsec (xfrm) expressionHEADmasterMáté Eckl17-11/+674
3 dayssrc: rename meta secpath to meta ipsecFlorian Westphal5-7/+11
3 dayssrc: rt: add support to check if route will perform ipsec transformationFlorian Westphal9-0/+56
3 daysdoc: Re-work RULES:add/insert/replace to read better.Duncan Roe1-7/+7
4 daysevaluate: throw distinct error if map exists but contains no objectsFlorian Westphal1-2/+4
6 daysdoc: Review man page building in Makefile.amPhil Sutter1-4/+6
6 daysnft.8: Update meta pkt_type value descriptionPhil Sutter1-1/+2
11 daystests/py: Fix JSON for icmp*.tPhil Sutter4-5/+69
11 daysjson: Print range expressions numericallyPhil Sutter1-1/+7
11 daysjson: Make inet_service_type_json() respect literal levelPhil Sutter1-1/+17