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+:postrouting;type nat hook postrouting priority 0
+# explicit family: 'snat to ip':
+iifname "eth0" tcp dport 81 snat ip to;ok
+# infer snat target family from network header base:
+iifname "eth0" tcp dport 81 ip saddr snat to;ok;iifname "eth0" tcp dport 81 ip saddr snat ip to
+iifname "eth0" tcp dport 81 snat ip6 to dead::beef;ok
+iifname "foo" masquerade random;ok
+snat to;fail
+snat ip6 to;fail
+snat to dead::beef;fail
+snat ip to dead::beef;fail
+snat ip daddr to dead::beef;fail
+snat ip daddr ip6 to dead::beef;fail
+snat ip6 saddr dead::beef to;fail