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* Fix ulogd_PCAP on systems where sizeo(struct timeval) != 8 (Chris Humbert) (C...laforge2005-09-231-3/+51
* apply C99 initializers fix (Roberto Nibali)laforge2005-02-141-3/+3
* - use C99 struct initializerslaforge2004-04-241-8/+14
* - add .init and .fini member to output pluginlaforge2004-04-241-21/+24
* fix ulogd_PCAP compilation (Marrtin Josefsson)laforge2004-02-131-3/+3
* fix output if file exists and has a size of zero bytes (Yoshihiro Kawabe)laforge2003-10-161-3/+8
* new configuration file syntax (Magnus Boden)laforge2003-09-281-6/+5
* remove unused variableslaforge2003-08-231-5/+2
* crosscompile-ready makefiles/configure scripts for ulogd (Dan Eble)laforge2003-08-231-5/+5
* explicitly link against dynamic libs (Joerg Wendland)laforge2003-08-111-1/+1
* real fix for skb receive timestamp problem (Harald Welte), revert PCAP workar...laforge2003-04-271-4/+3
* Fix broken OUTPUT timestamping since apparently kernel inits the sk_bufflaforge2003-04-271-3/+4
* fix include paths.laforge2002-12-092-7/+7
* make ulogd_PCAP build conditional to the existance of pcap.hlaforge2002-07-302-0/+258