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Update TODO.
Try to sync TODO with real state of the project.
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-- autoconf/automake detection of libnetfilter_{log,conntrack}, mysql, pgsql, sqlite3, pcap
-- conditional compilation of NFLOG, CTNL, PGSQL, MYSQL, SQLITE3, PCAP plugins
- add support for capabilities to run as non-root
-- IPv6 support (core and extensions)
- support for static linking
- issues with ulogd_BASE and partially copied packets (--ulog-cprange)
- problem wrt. ulogd_BASE and fragments
-- cleanup keys after we've propagatet through the whole stack (RETF_VALID, FREE)
-- port SQLITE3 plugin
-- convert db layer and pgsql + mysql plugin to a 'parameter bind' scheme for efficiency
-- autoconf detection of SCTP / DCCP support