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Changes for 0.98
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Version 0.98
- Fix MAC address printing if there is none (by Andrej Ota)
- Add PostgreSQL support by Jakab Laszlo
+- Add Version Number (-V) commandline option
+- Make MYBUFSIZ a runtime config directive (Bogdan Dobrodan)
+- Fix daemonize function (call setsid() and close stdin)
+- Add ulogd_PCAP output plugin (to use ethereal/tcpdump/... on the logs)
+- Update documentation to reflect kernel inclusion of ipt_ULOG module
+- Add ulogd_LOCALTIME 'interpreter' for providing the timestamp at the
+ time of logging (Florent Aide)
+- Fix ulogd_LOGEMU 'PROTO=' printing in case of unknown l4 protocol
+- Add support for non-forking mode and logging to stderr (Alessandro Bono)
Version 0.97
- added error handling after ipulog_read() to prevent endless loops