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included --with-log-ip-as-string option
removed ./configure (run autoconf) autoconf now adds -I/usr/src/linux/include to CFLAGS
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+X handle multi-part nlmsgs
+- Error checking at netlink socket
+- forward port my timeout enabled read-function from libipq to libipulog
+- man pages
+X queue the logging in the kernel and send multiple packets in one
+ multipart nlmsg
+- add timer to flush queue in user-defineable time intervals
+- IPv6 ULOG target
+X MYSQL output plugin
+X syslog compatibility output plugin
+- autoconf-detection of ipt_ULOG.h
+- _fini() support for plugin destructors (needed for clean shutdown and
+ SIGHUP configfile reload
+- commandline option for "to fork or not to fork"
+- various command line options (we don't even have --version)
+- add support for capabilities to run as non-root
+- big endian fixes
+- man pages
+- IPv6 support (core and extensions)
+- rewrite. This stuff is a real mess.