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IPFIX: Add IPFIX output plugin
This patch adds an IPFIX output plugin to ulogd2. It generates NetFlow/IPFIX traces and sends them to a remote server (collector) via TCP or UDP. Based on original work by Holger Eitzenberger <>. How to test this ---------------- I am currently testing this with the NFCT input and Wireshark. Place the following in ulogd.conf: # this will print all flows on screen loglevel=1 # load NFCT and IPFIX plugins plugin="/lib/ulogd/" plugin="/lib/ulogd/" stack=ct1:NFCT,ipfix1:IPFIX [ct1] netlink_socket_buffer_size=217088 netlink_socket_buffer_maxsize=1085440 accept_proto_filter=tcp,sctp [ipfix1] oid=1 host="" #port=4739 #send_template="once" I am currently testing it by launching a plain NetCat listener on port 4739 (the default for IPFIX) and then running Wireshark and see that it dissects the IPFIX/NetFlow traffic correctly (obviously this relies on the Wireshark NetFlow dissector being correct). First: nc -vvvv -l 4739 Then: sudo ulogd -vc ulogd.conf Signed-off-by: Ander Juaristi <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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-/* */