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nfct: implement src and dst filter
This patch implements two filtering options in NFCT input plugin. If 'accept_src_filter' is set to a network it will only catch the event where the source is that specific network. 'accept_dst_filter' does the same for the destination.
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@@ -125,6 +125,10 @@ plugin="@pkglibdir@/"
#netlink_resync_timeout=60 # seconds to wait to perform resynchronization
#pollinterval=10 # use poll-based logging instead of event-driven
+# If pollinterval is not set, NFCT plugin will work in event mode
+# In this case, you can use the following filters on events:
+#accept_src_filter=,1:2::/64 # source ip of connection must belong to these networks
+#accept_dst_filter= # destination ip of connection must belong to these networks