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o Created changelog file
o Deleted libctnetlink.h and libnfnetlink.h from the include/ dir. o Added support for version (-V) and help (-h) o Added event mask based support o Added GPLv2 headers o Use fprintf instead of printf o Defined print_tuple and print_proto output interfaces o ctnl_[get|del]_conntrack handles return value from kernel via msgerr o Added support for conntrack table flushing o Added test case file ( o Improve dump output o Autoconf stuff for conntrack + some pablo's modifications. o Fixed packet counters formatting (use %llu instead of %lu)
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user space tool
-[ ] Proper Makefiles
-[ ] Modify Event Display (-E conntrack).
+[X] Proper Makefiles
+[X] Modify Event Display (-E conntrack).
[ ] ICMP library
-[ ] finish TCP: help and protocol specific stuff: --state, etc...
-[ ] finish UDP: help
+[X] finish TCP: protocol specific stuff: --state, etc...
+[ ] finish UDP, TCP, ICMP: help
-[ ] Error handling (nlerrmsg)
+[X] Error handling (nlerrmsg)
[X] Use id's to identify conntracks
[ ] Split NEW and CHANGE
[ ] Split DUMP and GET
[ ] Kill Change API. Move locks to ip_conntrack_[protocol|helper].
-[ ] implement conntrack FLUSH
-[ ] Per CPU id. Currently racy.
+[X] implement conntrack FLUSH
[ ] convert CTA_SOMETHING-1 to CTA_SOMETHING, annoying!