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-Compiling the source code:
-Put the files in the right directories:
-%make install
-If you are using the CVS code or need your own kernel includes, do this
-instead (change the include directory to the appropriate one):
-%make install KERNEL_INCLUDES=/usr/src/linux/include
-If you want to make a static binary for ebtables, containing all the
-extensions, without shared libraries, do this (this will make a
-binary called 'static', which you can rename):
-%make static
-- The ebtables manual gets installed in /usr/local/man/man8
- To put the manual somewhere else, include MANDIR=<<man-path/man>> as
- option on the command line.
- The Makefile will append /man8/ebtables.8.
-- ethertypes is by default placed in /etc/, if you
- want to change this, include ETHERTYPESPATH=<<path>>.
-- The userspace programs ebtables ebtables-save and ebtables-restore are
- are copied by default to /usr/local/sbin/ebtables. If you want to put
- the executables somewhere else, include BINPATH=<<path>>.
-- The ebtables initialisation file (enabling use of 'service ebtables') is
- copied to /etc/rc.d/init.d (change with option INITDIR)
-- The ebtables configuration file (ebtables-config) is copied to /etc/sysconfig
-- ebtables can use a lock file to enable concurrent execution of the ebtables
- tool. The standard location of the lock file is /var/lib/ebtables/lock.
- Include LOCKFILE=<<path-to-file>> if you want to use another file.
-That's all
-You can also use a base directory different from the root directory (/),
-using the DESTDIR option. See the Makefile for more details.
-You might need to set LDFLAGS=-Wl,-no-as-needed to build ebtables correctly
-on your system.
--- examples/ulog/test_ulog.c --
-Contains an example to receive and parse netlink messages containing
-packets seen by the ebtables ulog watcher.
-Compile with:
-%make test_ulog KERNEL_INCLUDES=/usr/src/linux/include
-%examples/ulog/test_ulog NETLINK_GROUP
-%ebtables -A chain --ulog-nlgroup NETLINK_GROUP
--- examples/perf_test/perf_test --
-A test script to compare the performance for the different ways to
-construct an ebtables table. This is deprecated and should probably
-be ignored.
+Installation instructions for iptables
+ebtables uses the well-known configure(autotools) infrastructure.
+ $ ./configure
+ $ make
+ # make install
+ * no kernel-source required
+ * but obviously a compiler, glibc-devel and linux-kernel-headers
+ (/usr/include/linux)
+Configuring and compiling
+./configure [options]
+ The prefix to put all installed files under. It defaults to
+ /usr/local, so the binaries will go into /usr/local/bin, sbin,
+ manpages into /usr/local/share/man, etc.
+If you want to enable debugging, use
+ ./configure CFLAGS="-ggdb3 -O0" CPPFLAGS="-DEBT_DEBUG"
+(-O0 is used to turn off instruction reordering, which makes debugging
+much easier.)