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-.TH EBTABLES 8 "23 July 2002"
+.TH EBTABLES 8 "11 August 2002"
.\" Man page written by Bart De Schuymer <>
.\" It is based on the iptables man page.
@@ -33,10 +33,6 @@ ebtables (v.2.0) \- Ethernet bridge frame table administration
.BR "ebtables -E " "old-chain-name new-chain-name"
-.B "ebtables -L DB"
-.BR "ebtables -[b] [" "y/n" "]"
.BR "ebtables --init-table"
.BR "ebtables --atomic-init " file
@@ -147,18 +143,9 @@ the head of the chain).
.B "-L, --list"
List all rules in the selected chain. If no chain is selected, all chains
-are listed. If the chainname equals
-.BR DB ,
-.B ebtables
-will try to show the database. This database gives a survey of the kind of
-frames that pass the different bridge hooks. It uses the interfaces where
-the frame came in or will go out, the protocol field and the hook. This
-database is independent from the rest of
-.B ebtables
-and is in a different kernel module.
+are listed.
-The following three options change the output when not listing the
+The following three options change the output:
.B "--Ln"
@@ -336,9 +323,6 @@ names of extensions and
.B ebtables
will try to write help about those extensions. E.g. ebtables -h snat log ip arp.
-.BR "-b --db " [ "y/n" ]
-Enable (y) or disable (n) the database.
.BR "-j, --jump " "\fItarget\fP"
The target of the rule. This is one of the following values: