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diff --git a/ebtables.8 b/ebtables.8
index 6618fa7..56421bb 100644
--- a/ebtables.8
+++ b/ebtables.8
@@ -347,7 +347,7 @@ operate on will be extracted from the file and the result of the operation
will be saved back into the file. If specified, this option should come
before the command specification. An alternative that should be preferred,
is setting the
-.BR EBTABLES_ATOMIC_FILE "environment variable."
+.BR EBTABLES_ATOMIC_FILE " environment variable."
.B -M, --modprobe program
When talking to the kernel, use this program to try to automatically load
diff --git a/ebtables.c b/ebtables.c
index c193d67..d09f422 100644
--- a/ebtables.c
+++ b/ebtables.c
@@ -799,7 +799,7 @@ static void print_help()
"--atomic-commit : update the kernel w/t table contained in <FILE>\n"
"--atomic-init : put the initial kernel table into <FILE>\n"
"--atomic-save : put the current kernel table into <FILE>\n"
-"--atomic file : set <FILE> to file\n\n"
+"--atomic-file file : set <FILE> to file\n\n"
"--proto -p [!] proto : protocol hexadecimal, by name or LENGTH\n"
"--src -s [!] address[/mask]: source mac address\n"