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* Code cleanup: get_a_line uses strtok() nowBart De Schuymer2002-07-191-78/+20
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-07-161-1/+1
* --atomic-commit copies countersBart De Schuymer2002-07-161-1/+7
* --atomic-save copies counters tooBart De Schuymer2002-07-161-1/+7
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-07-151-2/+10
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-07-141-1/+1
* add --atomic optionsBart De Schuymer2002-07-141-14/+58
* add --Lc, --Ln, --LxBart De Schuymer2002-07-101-16/+86
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-07-071-2/+2
* name_to_protocol()Bart De Schuymer2002-06-261-6/+12
* Don't try to delete a chain that is referenced in another chain.Bart De Schuymer2002-06-261-1/+35
* Reread everything. Removed some bugs.Bart De Schuymer2002-06-261-43/+55
* minor bugfixBart De Schuymer2002-06-251-3/+4
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-06-241-3/+2
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-06-231-7/+57
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-06-231-1/+3
* user defined chains are working pretty good nowBart De Schuymer2002-06-231-26/+127
* base patch for user defined chains supportBart De Schuymer2002-06-231-109/+343
* remove some header inclusionsBart De Schuymer2002-06-141-4/+0
* Try to autoload ebtables kernel module when needed.Bart De Schuymer2002-06-141-2/+88
* use ether_ntoa() and ether_aton() library functionsBart De Schuymer2002-06-051-35/+14
* small stuff.Bart De Schuymer2002-06-051-2/+2
* Initial revisionBart De Schuymer2002-06-011-0/+1655