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ipset 3.1 releasev3.1
A few minor bugs fixed and cleanups: - Nonexistent sets were reported as existing sets when testing from userspace in setlist type of sets (bug reported by Victor A. Safronov) - When saving sets, setlist type of sets must come last in order to satisfy the dependency from the elements (bug reported by Marty B.) - Sparse insists that the flags argument to kmalloc() is gfp_t (Stephen Hemminger) - Correct format specifiers and change %i to %d (Jan Engelhardt) - Fix the definition of 'bool' for kernels <= 2.6.18 (Jan Engelhardt)
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@@ -50,6 +50,9 @@ IP set bindings pointing to sets and iptables matches and targets
referring to sets creates references, which protects the given sets in
the kernel. A set cannot be removed (destroyed) while there is a single
reference pointing to it.
+Please note, binding sets is a deprecated feature and will be removed in a later release. Switch to the multidata type of sets from using bindings.
The options that are recognized by
.B ipset