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Support hostnames and service names with dash
The square brackets are introduced as an escape mechanism to enter hostnames or service names with dash in order to avoid mixing up the dash in the name with the range notation. Problem reported by Stephen Hemminger and Marc Guardiola.
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@@ -256,6 +256,12 @@ as \fBnomatch\fR are skipped as if those were no added to the set, which makes
possible to build up sets with exceptions. See the example at hash type
\fBhash:net\fR below.
+If host names or service names with dash in the name are used instead of IP
+addresses or service numbers, then the host name or service name must be enclosed
+in square brackets. Example:
+ipset add foo [test\-hostname],[ftp\-data]
.SS bitmap:ip
The \fBbitmap:ip\fR set type uses a memory range to store either IPv4 host
(default) or IPv4 network addresses. A \fBbitmap:ip\fR type of set can store up