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Correct a test: number of entries may be outdated
At listing, timed out entries are not listed but the number of entries counter is updated at garbage collection.
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diff --git a/tests/comment.t b/tests/comment.t
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--- a/tests/comment.t
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@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
# Bitmap comment: List set
0 ipset list test | grep -v Revision: | sed 's/timeout ./timeout x/' > .foo
# Bitmap comment: Check listing
-0 diff -u -I 'Size in memory.*' .foo comment.t.list12
+0 diff -u -I 'Size in memory.*' -I 'Number of entries' .foo comment.t.list12
# Bitmap comment: Flush set
0 ipset flush test
# Bitmap comment: Delete test set