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The bash utilities are updated
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-ipset set listing wrapper script
+ipset set listing wrapper script written for the bash shell.
+It allows you to match and display sets, headers and elements in various ways.
@@ -12,10 +13,13 @@ Features:
- Choose a delimiter character for separating members.
- Show only sets containing a specific (glob matching) header.
- Arithmetic comparison on headers with an integer value.
+- Arithmetic comparison on flags of the headers 'Header' field.
+- Arithmetic comparison on member options with an integer value.
- Match members using a globbing or regex pattern.
- Suppress listing of (glob matching) sets.
- Suppress listing of (glob matching) headers.
- Suppress listing of members matching a glob or regex pattern.
+- Suppress listing of members options.
- Calculate the total size in memory of all matching sets.
- Calculate the amount of matching, excluded and traversed sets.
- Colorize the output.
@@ -62,5 +66,10 @@ Examples:
- `ipset_list -c -t -Cs -Ts -Xh "@(Size*|Re*|Header):*" -Ht "!(bitmap:*)"` - find all sets not of any bitmap type, count their members sum, display only the 'Type' header, count amount of matching and traversed sets.
- `ipset_list -Co -c -Ts -Tm` - show all set names, count their members, count total amount of sets, show total memory usage of all sets, colorize the output
- `ipset_list -m -r -To 0` - show members of all sets, try to resolve hosts, set the timeout to 0 (effectivly disabling it).
+- `ipset_list -m -Xo setA` - show members of setA, but suppress displaying of the elements options.
+- `ipset_list -m -Oi packets:0` - show members of all sets which have a packet count of 0.
+- `ipset_list -m -Oi "packets:>100" -Oi "bytes:>1024"` - show members of all sets which have a packet count greater than 100 and a byte count greater than 1024.
+- `ipset_list -n -Ca "foo*"` - show only set names matching the glob "foo*" and enable all counters.
+- `ipset_list -Hi "markmask:>=0x0000beef" -Hi timeout:\!10000` - show only sets with the header 'Header' fields containing a markmask greater or equal to 0x0000beef and a timeout which is not 10000.