BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterextensions: libxt_conntrack: simplify translation using negationPablo Neira Ayuso10 days
v1.8.7commit f485d324e9...Pablo Neira Ayuso5 months
v1.8.6commit 06a2eb727b...Pablo Neira Ayuso8 months
v1.8.5commit 14ac250946...Pablo Neira Ayuso12 months
v1.8.4commit 2b506c6681...Pablo Neira Ayuso19 months
v1.8.3commit 1447b15100...Florian Westphal2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 daysextensions: libxt_conntrack: simplify translation using negationHEADmasterPablo Neira Ayuso2-37/+17
10 daysextensions: libxt_tcp: rework translation to use flags match representationPablo Neira Ayuso3-10/+10
10 daysextensions: libxt_connlimit: add translationPablo Neira Ayuso2-0/+64
10 daystests: xlate-test: support multiline expectationPablo Neira Ayuso1-2/+12
10 dayslibxtables: extend xlate infrastructurePablo Neira Ayuso4-28/+93
11 daysextensions: libxt_string: Avoid buffer size warning for strncpy()Phil Sutter1-1/+1
11 dayslibxtables: Introduce xtables_strdup() and use it everywherePhil Sutter26-73/+60
11 daysextensions: libebt_ip6: Use xtables_ip6parse_any()Phil Sutter1-64/+10
11 daysiptables-apply: Drop unused variablePhil Sutter1-1/+0
11 daysnft: Avoid buffer size warnings copying iface namesPhil Sutter2-4/+4