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fix loading shared library of ICMPv6 match.
The current ip6tables tries to load when user types 'ip6tables -p icmpv6 ...' or 'ip6tables ... -m icmpv6' ...', and it fails. This patch renames libip6t_icmpv6.c to libip6t_icmp6.c so that ip6tables can load it. Now kernel module and user library has same name 'icmp6'. It can reduce confusion about name mismatch. That's why I renamed it instead of reverting change in find_match() which brought this bug. This patch keeps compatibiity and we can use '-p icmpv6', '-p ipv6-icmpv6', '-m icmpv6', '-m ipv6-icmpv6', and '-m icmp6', as ever.
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+This extension is loaded if `--protocol ipv6-icmp' or `--protocol icmpv6' is
+specified. It provides the following option:
+.BR "--icmpv6-type " "[!] \fItype\fP[/\fIcode\fP]|\fItypename\fP"
+This allows specification of the ICMPv6 type, which can be a numeric
+.IR type ,
+.IR type
+.IR code ,
+or one of the ICMPv6 type names shown by the command
+ ip6tables -p ipv6-icmp -h