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extensions/ clarify BPF code generation with tcpdump
The xt_bpf module applies BPF bytecode to the packet. Depending on where the module is invoked, the kernel may pass a packet with or without link layer header. Iptables has no such header. A common `tcpdump -ddd <string>` compilation command may revert to a physical device that generates code for packets starting from the mac layer up (e.g., E10MB data link type: Ethernet). Clarify in the man page that when using this tool for code generation, a suitable target device must be chosen. Netfilter Bugzilla Bug #1048 Reported-by: Lorenzo Pistone <> Signed-off-by: Willem de Bruijn <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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@@ -31,4 +31,17 @@ Or instead, you can invoke the nfbpf_compile utility.
iptables \-A OUTPUT \-m bpf \-\-bytecode "`nfbpf_compile RAW 'ip proto 6'`" \-j ACCEPT
+Or use tcpdump -ddd. In that case, generate BPF targeting a device with the
+same data link type as the xtables match. Iptables passes packets from the
+network layer up, without mac layer. Select a device with data link type RAW,
+such as a tun device:
+ip tuntap add tun0 mode tun
+ip link set tun0 up
+tcpdump -ddd -i tun0 ip proto 6
+See tcpdump -L -i $dev for a list of known data link types for a given device.
You may want to learn more about BPF from FreeBSD's bpf(4) manpage.