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- Sets the 'iptc_fn' global variable to the pointer to the current functions in all major TC_* functions. This is necessary because in certain cases, an error return from a function that doesn't set 'iptc_fn' will conflict with a function-specific error return from one that does, causing TC_STRERROR() to return the wrong error string. This ensures that the right one will be returned.
- Implements a simple reference counter for the netlink socket global variable 'sockfd'; this is necessary for IPTables::IPv4, where multiple tables (filter, nat, mangle, untracked) may be opened at one time. The way libiptc does it in the official version causes previously-opened tables to break such that attempts to commit changes will fail. - Adds a couple of memset() invocations in TC_COMMIT, based on past analysis with valgrind. It claimed that allocated structure were not being fully initialized, and adding the memset()s corrected this warning. (Derrik Pates <>)
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