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libxt_hashlimit: observe new default gc-expire time when saving
Since a while, --htable-gc-expire defaults to the chosen time quantum instead of 10 fixed seconds, which leads the expiry value to be always printed, which is redundant. Signed-off-by: Jan Engelhardt <>
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-A matches
-A matches -p esp -m esp --espspi 5:4294967295
-A matches
+-A matches -m hashlimit --hashlimit-upto 1/sec --hashlimit-burst 1 --hashlimit-name mini1 --hashlimit-htable-expire 2000
-A matches -m hashlimit --hashlimit-upto 1/sec --hashlimit-burst 1 --hashlimit-name mini1
-A matches -m hashlimit --hashlimit-upto 1/min --hashlimit-burst 1 --hashlimit-name mini2
-A matches -m hashlimit --hashlimit-upto 1/hour --hashlimit-burst 1 --hashlimit-name mini3