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@@ -5,15 +5,21 @@ FOLLOW THESE STEPS:
in a seperate package, called patch-o-matic. It is available from
-1) Next, make the package.
- % make KERNEL_DIR=<<where-you-built-your-kernel>>
+1) Next, make the package. If you use a standard distribution kernel,
+ just run ./configure.
-2) Finally, you need to to install the shared libraries, and the binary:
- # make install KERNEL_DIR=<<where-you-built-your-kernel>>
+ If you want to build against an own kernel tree:
-If you are a developer, you can install the headers, development libraries
-and associated development man pages, with:
- # make install-devel
+ $ ./configure --with-kernel=/home/jengelh/mykernel
+ or whereever you put it. If you are using a dedicated kernel build
+ directory, you use:
+ $ ./configure --with-kbuild=<<where-built>> --with-ksource=<<source>>
+2) Finally, you need to install the binaries and shared libraries:
+ # make install
That's it!
@@ -21,27 +27,26 @@ PROBLEMS YOU MAY ENCOUNTER:
1) This package requires a 2.4.4 kernel, or above.
-2) If you get the kernel directory wrong, you may see a message like:
- Please try `make KERNEL_DIR=path-to-correct-kernel'
+2) If you get the kernel directory wrong, you may get compile failures.
3) If you want to specify alternate directories for installation
(instead of /usr/local/ bin lib man), do this:
- % make BINDIR=/usr/bin LIBDIR=/usr/lib MANDIR=/usr/man
- # make BINDIR=/usr/bin LIBDIR=/usr/lib MANDIR=/usr/man install
+ $ ./configure --prefix=/usr
+ $ make
+ # make install
+4) The make process will automatically build a multipurpose binary under the
+ names iptables-multi and ip6tables-multi.
-4) If you want to build a statically linked version of the iptables binary,
+5) If you want to build a statically linked version of the iptables binary,
without the need for loading the plugins at runtime (e.g. for an embedded
device or router-on-a-disk), please use
- % make NO_SHARED_LIBS=1
-5) If you want to build a single BusyBox style multipurpose binary instead of
- the individual iptables, iptables-save and iptables-restore binaries, then
- please use
+ $ ./configure --enable-static
- % make DO_MULTI=1
+ which will build both a semi-static multi binary (iptables-mtss, uses
+ libc but not plugins) and a fully static multi binary (iptables-static).
-NOTE: make sure you build with at least the correct LIBDIR=
-specification, otherwise iptables(8) won't know where to find the
-dynamic objects.
+6) If you want to install libipq (old interface), add --enable-devel to
+ ./configure.