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@@ -3,22 +3,22 @@ a certain IP and MAC address without an explicit load balancer in front of
them. Connections are statically distributed between the nodes in this
-.BI "--new "
Create a new ClusterIP. You always have to set this on the first rule
for a given ClusterIP.
-.BI "--hashmode " "mode"
+\fB\-\-hashmode\fP \fImode\fP
Specify the hashing mode. Has to be one of
-.B sourceip, sourceip-sourceport, sourceip-sourceport-destport
+\fBsourceip\fP, \fBsourceip\-sourceport\fP, \fBsourceip\-sourceport\-destport\fP.
-.BI "--clustermac " "mac"
-Specify the ClusterIP MAC address. Has to be a link-layer multicast address
+\fB\-\-clustermac\fP \fImac\fP
+Specify the ClusterIP MAC address. Has to be a link\-layer multicast address
-.BI "--total-nodes " "num"
+\fB\-\-total\-nodes\fP \fInum\fP
Number of total nodes within this cluster.
-.BI "--local-node " "num"
+\fB\-\-local\-node\fP \fInum\fP
Local node number within this cluster.
-.BI "--hash-init " "rnd"
+\fB\-\-hash\-init\fP \fIrnd\fP
Specify the random seed used for hash initialization.