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+This target is only valid in the
+.B nat
+table, in the
+chain. It should only be used with dynamically assigned IP (dialup)
+connections: if you have a static IP address, you should use the SNAT
+target. Masquerading is equivalent to specifying a mapping to the IP
+address of the interface the packet is going out, but also has the
+effect that connections are
+.I forgotten
+when the interface goes down. This is the correct behavior when the
+next dialup is unlikely to have the same interface address (and hence
+any established connections are lost anyway). It takes one option:
+.BR "--to-ports " "\fIport\fP[-\fIport\fP]"
+This specifies a range of source ports to use, overriding the default
+source port-selection heuristics (see above). This is only valid
+if the rule also specifies
+.B "-p tcp"
+.BR "-p udp" .