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@@ -34,9 +34,17 @@ configuration like:
\-j TCPMSS \-\-clamp\-mss\-to\-pmtu
\fB\-\-set\-mss\fP \fIvalue\fP
-Explicitly set MSS option to specified value.
+Explicitly sets MSS option to specified value. If the MSS of the packet is
+already lower than \fIvalue\fP, it will \fBnot\fP be increased (from Linux
+2.6.25 onwards) to avoid more problems with hosts relying on a proper MSS.
Automatically clamp MSS value to (path_MTU \- 40 for IPv4; \-60 for IPv6).
+This may not function as desired where asymmetric routes with differing
+path MTU exist \(em the kernel uses the path MTU which it would use to send
+packets from itself to the source and destination IP addresses. Prior to
+Linux 2.6.25, only the path MTU to the destination IP address was
+considered by this option; subsequent kernels also consider the path MTU
+to the source IP address.
These options are mutually exclusive.