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* build: separate AC variable replacements from xtables.hJan Engelhardt2012-08-311-1/+1
* Update .gitignoreJan Engelhardt2011-12-311-9/+0
* build: use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR and stash away toolsJan Engelhardt2011-12-311-10/+2
* Update .gitignoreJan Engelhardt2011-12-311-3/+3
* src: move all iptables pieces into a separate directoryJan Engelhardt2011-06-071-14/+0
* src: move all libiptc pieces into its directoryJan Engelhardt2011-06-071-1/+0
* combine ip6?tables-multi into xtables-multiMaciej ┼╗enczykowski2011-04-191-2/+1
* Move common parts of libext{4,6}.a into libext.aMaciej ┼╗enczykowski2011-04-191-0/+1
* libiptc: make library available as a shared libraryJan Engelhardt2009-02-161-0/+1
* libxtables: decouple non-xtables parts from headerJan Engelhardt2009-02-101-1/+1
* libxtables: prefix/order - program_nameJan Engelhardt2009-01-301-0/+1
* Put xtables.c into its own library, libxtables.soJan Engelhardt2008-08-041-0/+4
* Update .gitignoreJan Engelhardt2008-06-051-0/+47