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* expr: fix leak in target and match expressionsPablo Neira Ayuso2013-11-181-0/+3
* src: replace size_t by uint32_t in set/get interfacesPablo Neira Ayuso2013-09-191-7/+7
* expr: add nft_rule_expr_get_u16 and nft_rule_expr_set_u16Pablo Neira Ayuso2013-08-171-0/+23
* src: add xfree and use itPablo Neira Ayuso2013-08-061-1/+1
* expr: refactor nft_rule_expr_getPablo Neira Ayuso2013-07-211-8/+6
* src: simplify getter logicPablo Neira Ayuso2013-07-181-0/+3
* expr: add nft_rule_expr_snprintfPablo Neira Ayuso2013-06-191-0/+13
* src: constify first parameter of all nft_*_getPablo Neira Ayuso2013-06-171-5/+5
* src: add nft_*_attr_is_setPablo Neira Ayuso2013-06-171-0/+6
* src: constify nft_*_attr_set and nft_*_attr_set_strPablo Neira Ayuso2013-04-141-1/+1
* initial version of libnftablesPablo Neira Ayuso2012-10-111-0/+189