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JSON: Add metainfo object to all output
Right now this object merely contains the nftables version and release name as well as a JSON schema version, but it could be extended arbitrarily. In the future, this will also allow for non-compatible schema changes should the need for this arise. Adjust the parser to accept metainfo objects and make it verify json_schema_version to be less than or equal to the one hard-coded in the library. Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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@@ -16,13 +16,14 @@ libnftables-json - Supported JSON schema by libnftables
-'CMD_OBJECT' := *{* 'CMD'*:* 'LIST_OBJECT' *}*
'CMD' := *"add"* | *"replace"* | *"create"* | *"insert"* | *"delete"* |
*"list"* | *"reset"* | *"flush"* | *"rename"*
libnftables supports JSON formatted input and output. This is implemented as an
@@ -47,6 +48,26 @@ It's value is a ruleset element - basically identical to output elements apart
from certain properties which may be interpreted differently or are required
when output generally omits them.
+In output, the first object in *nftables* array is a special one containing
+library information. Its content is as follows:
+*{ "metainfo": {
+ "version":* 'STRING'*,
+ "release_name":* 'STRING'*,
+ "json_schema_version":* 'NUMBER'
+The values of *version* and *release_name* properties are equal to the package
+version and release name as printed by *nft -v*. The value of
+*json_schema_version* property is an integer indicating the schema version.
+If supplied in library input, the parser will verify *json_schema_version* value
+to not exceed the internally hardcoded one (to make sure the given schema is
+fully understood). In future, a lower number than the internal one may activate
+compatibility mode to parse outdated and incompatible JSON input.
The structure accepts an arbitrary amount of commands which are interpreted in
order of appearance. For instance, the following standard syntax input: