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files: Move netdev-ingress.nft to /etc/nftables as well
Commit 13535a3b40b62 ("files: restore base table skeletons") moved config skeletons back from examples/ to /etc/nftables/ directory, but ignored the fact that commit 6c9230e79339c ("nftables: rearrange files and examples") added a new file 'netdev-ingress.nft' which is referenced from 'all-in-one.nft' as well. Fixes: 13535a3b40b62 ("files: restore base table skeletons") Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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diff --git a/files/examples/netdev-ingress.nft b/files/examples/netdev-ingress.nft
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-#!/usr/sbin/nft -f
-# mind the NIC, it must exists
-table netdev filter {
- chain loinput { type filter hook ingress device lo priority 0; }