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xt: Fix translation error pathHEADmaster
If xtables support was compiled in but the required libxtables DSO is not found, nft prints an error message and leaks memory: | counter packets 0 bytes 0 XT target MASQUERADE not found This is not as bad as it seems, the output combines stdout and stderr. Dropping stderr produces an incomplete ruleset listing, though. While this seemingly inline output can't easily be avoided, fix a few things: * Respect octx->error_fp, libnftables might have been configured to redirect stderr somewhere else. * Align error message formatting with others. * Don't return immediately, but free allocated memory and fall back to printing the expression in "untranslated" form. Fixes: 5c30feeee5cfe ("xt: Delay libxtables access until translation") Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
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