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proto: Fix ARP header field ordering
In ARP header, destination ether address sits between source IP and destination IP addresses. Enum arp_hdr_fields had this wrong, which in turn caused wrong ordering of entries in proto_arp->templates. When expanding a combined payload expression, code assumes that template entries are ordered by header offset, therefore the destination ether address match was printed as raw if an earlier field was matched as well: | arp saddr ip arp daddr ether 3e:d1:3f:d6:12:0b was printed as: | arp saddr ip @nh,144,48 69068440080907 Note: Although strictly not necessary, reorder fields in proto_arp->templates as well to match their actual ordering, just to avoid confusion. Fixes: 4b0f2a712b579 ("src: support for arp sender and target ethernet and IPv4 addresses") Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
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