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netlink_linearize: skip set element expression in flow table key
Anders reports that: # nft add rule ip6 filter postrouting \ flow table acct_out \{ meta iif . ip6 saddr timeout 600s counter \} while the opposite doesn't work: # nft add rule ip6 filter postrouting \ flow table acct_out \{ ip6 saddr . meta iif timeout 600s counter \} netlink_gen_flow_stmt() relies on the flow table key, that is expressed as a set element. Use the set element key instead to skip the set element wrap, otherwise get_register() abort execution: nft: netlink_linearize.c:650: netlink_gen_expr: Assertion `dreg < ctx->reg_low' failed. Reported-by: Anders K. Pedersen <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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