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tests: add a icmp-reply only and icmpv6 id test casesHEADmaster
Check that nft doesn't remove the dependency in these cases: icmp type echo-reply icmp id 1 ("icmp id" matches both echo request and reply). Add icmpv6 test cases. These fail without the previous patches: add rule ip6 test-ip6 input icmpv6 id 1: 'icmpv6 id 1' mismatches 'icmpv6 type { echo-request, echo-reply} icmpv6 parameter-problem 65536/16' add rule ip6 test-ip6 input icmpv6 type echo-reply icmpv6 id 65534': 'icmpv6 type echo-reply icmpv6 id 65534' mismatches 'icmpv6 type echo-reply @th,32,16 65534' Signed-off-by: Florian Westphal <>
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