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authorPhil Sutter <>2020-01-14 16:50:35 +0100
committerPhil Sutter <>2020-01-16 16:06:14 +0100
commit68310ba0f9c2066f7463d66a1a1938b66fb8a4c4 (patch)
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tests: shell: Search diff tool once and for all
Instead of calling 'which diff' over and over again, just detect the tool's presence in and pass $DIFF to each testcase just like with nft binary. Fall back to using 'true' command to avoid the need for any conditional calling in test cases. While being at it, unify potential diff calls so that a string comparison in shell happens irrespective of diff presence. Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <> Acked-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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diff --git a/tests/shell/testcases/listing/0015dynamic_0 b/tests/shell/testcases/listing/0015dynamic_0
index 4ff74e32..65fbe62c 100755
--- a/tests/shell/testcases/listing/0015dynamic_0
+++ b/tests/shell/testcases/listing/0015dynamic_0
@@ -16,8 +16,7 @@ $NFT -f - <<< "$EXPECTED"
GET="$($NFT list set ip filter test_set)"
if [ "$EXPECTED" != "$GET" ] ; then
- DIFF="$(which diff)"
- [ -x $DIFF ] && $DIFF -u <(echo "$EXPECTED") <(echo "$GET")
+ $DIFF -u <(echo "$EXPECTED") <(echo "$GET")
exit 1