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evaluate: set eval ctx for add/update statements with integer constantsHEADmaster
Eric reports that nft asserts when using integer basetype constants with 'typeof' sets. Example: table netdev t { set s { typeof ether saddr . vlan id flags dynamic,timeout } chain c { } } loads fine. But adding a rule with add/update statement fails: nft 'add rule netdev t c set update ether saddr . 0 @s' nft: netlink_linearize.c:867: netlink_gen_expr: Assertion `dreg < ctx->reg_low' failed. When the 'ether saddr . 0' concat expression is processed, there is no set definition available anymore to deduce the required size of the integer constant. nft eval step then derives the required length using the data types. '0' has integer basetype, so the deduced length is 0. The assertion triggers because serialization step finds that it needs one more register. 2 are needed to store the ethernet address, another register is needed for the vlan id. Update eval step to make the expression context store the set key information when processing the preceeding set reference, then let stmt_evaluate_set() preserve the existing context instead of zeroing it again via stmt_evaluate_arg(). This makes concat expression evaluation compute the total size needed based on the sets key definition. Reported-by: Eric Garver <> Signed-off-by: Florian Westphal <>
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